Bloodworms As Fish Food

Fish Food

Food Value

Bloodworms are a high protein food. Around 60% of their dry matter is protein. This is tantamount with Tubifex worms. Fish benefited from either live or frozen bloodworms will in general develop rapidly. Bloodworms are a magnificent molding nourishment for getting ready fish for rearing.

Frozen Bloodworms

Frozen Bloodworms are a promptly accessible and sensibly modest type of fish food. It is not difficult to enhance your dry fish food with frozen Bloodworms, and fish generally love them.

Little Fish

I routinely feed frozen Bloodworms to fish as little as 2 cm (Less than an inch) long Neon Tetras and White Cloud Mountain Minnows. They experience no difficulty eating the food and develop rapidly.


Despite the fact that I have not had issues with Bloodworms myself, it is simply sensible to put down some that others have had.


One kid lost some fish taking care of bloodworms that had been defrosted and permitted to heat up; he was very much aware of what to look like after frozen food. However, he didn’t discover until subsequently what had befallen the Bloodworms before. This isn’t a bound thing to bloodworms, yet applies to all frozen food whether took care of to Animals or People. Frozen food ought to be kept frozen until it will be utilized, and ought not be refrozen.

Over Feeding

Again this issue isn’t bound to bloodworms, however it is feasible to overload with most sorts of food. Since fish like Bloodworms a great deal, individuals at times give them to an extreme and perilously diminish the water quality. Identified with this is the utilization of Bloodworms as practically trùng huyết đông lạnh tphcm the lone food, instead of as a component of a changed eating regimen.

Food Value

In spite of the fact that Bloodworms are a phenomenal food, they ought not be the solitary food took care of. Fish and most creatures need an assortment of food. Similarly as not suggest that fish be taken care of just on chips, I don’t suggest that Bloodworms be the solitary food took care of. Turtles are regularly benefited from Bloodworms; they love them. Yet, Bloodworms are somewhat low in Calcium and different food varieties ought to likewise be given to your Turtle.

Inedible Parts

Dr Jim Greenwood B.V.Sc. of Canterbury Veterinary Clinic Canterbury, Victoria has recommended that the bigger sorts of bloodworm that are imported and sold frozen ought not be taken care of to Discus, Rainbows and a few tetras in light of the fact that the Chitinous pieces of the bloodworms can obstruct their stomach related frameworks. Others have noticed issues which most likely have a similar reason. I have taken care of imported Bloodworms to every one of the sorts of fish he makes reference to and experience had no difficulty, yet evidently Dr. Greenwood and some others have. Perhaps individuals who have had this kind of issue took care of a higher extent of Bloodworms and less other food to their fish than I do.

Unsanitary Conditions

In certain nations where Bloodworms are created for send out, the water they live in is extremely undesirable looking, and a few group accept the frozen Bloodworms are undependable. Every one of the Bloodworms brought into Australia are cleaned by Gamma Radiation. I assume that nations like the United States will likewise utilize a successful technique for cleansing.