Choosing the Right Taps for Your Bathroom Vanity Unit

When you’re redesigning your bathroom, you tend to focus on the big things first: how to afford the shower enclosure you love; deciding between a freestanding or fitted bath; what kind of flooring balances practicality, comfort and style. Choosing your taps seems comparatively simple, but it could be more complicated than you think.

First up is style. What kind of taps do you prefer? It’s worth considering this before you buy your vanity unit and basin, as the three items are so intrinsically linked together. For instance, if you buy a washstand and vessel basin, you’re leaving yourself with only one route to go down when choosing taps: deck-mounted taps for use with a vessel basin. If your preference is for pairs of taps, mounted on the basin for a traditional look, you’ll need to factor this into your choice of basin early on. Looking at taps alongside basins and vanity units to get an idea of the styles you prefer is a good way to begin your bathroom design project, and is just as important as choosing your ideal bath or shower.

Next is design. This is less critical to your otherĀ purchases. Unless you have very clear ideas about the exact style of tap you want (if you’ve a strong preference for Victorian style cross head taps, for example, or you love the relaxing sight of running water that you get with a waterfall tap), then you can simply pick a tap that looks good with your preferred basin (or, if you’re not a designer at heart, the tap that’s recommended with your preferred basin). However, it’s with bearing in mind that, to achieve a coordinated look throughout your bathroom, you may like to match your basin and bath taps, and even coordinate your shower mixer too. In which case, thinking about your preferred tap style in conjunction with browsing ranges of wash basins, showers and baths is going to be essential.

Ergonomic design is a critical point when choosing a tap – especially if your household includes small children or elderly people with hand mobility difficulties. This is a design feature that you and your household are going to be using a few times a day – it has to feel comfortable. A tap that’s unwieldy to operate and which results in water being sprayed across your bathroom every time you wash your hands is going to irritate you very quickly. So try out the taps you look at in bathroom showrooms, and make sure your shortlist is full of taps that are easy to use as well as beautiful to look at.