How to Craft a Custom Lightsaber From Star Wars

People who have seen a movie have probably heard about the Star Wars franchise. This franchise consists of six movies that were both created and directed by George Lucas. The first movie was released last 1977. As a matter of fact, the movie has generated a great impact and influence on worldwide pop culture and literally changed the norms of the society with the onset of cult followers of Sith, Wookie and Jedi wannabes. The main fictional weapon used in the franchise movie is the lightsaber. And at present time, there is an abundance of custom lightsaber creators who wish to create lightsabers for the avid fans worldwide, giving life to all kinds of fantasies- whether it’s on the dark or good side of the Force.

There are some facts that people, with great interest yet new to this stuff, need to consider and know before making an order or attempting to build your own custom lightsaber. The item may appear as simple as it looks but the real thing is that it’s much more complex than you think it is.

There are two parts of a custom lightsaber: the blade and the hilt. The blade can either be fixed or removed. It is made up of LED lights that are lined up to light up one after the other creating an illusion as if the blade is “coming out” of the hilt when it is turned on. On the contrary, when the light is turned off, it makes the blade appear to be “going back in” the hilt as it turns off on the opposite direction.

For most people who order or create a customĀ Custom lightsabers lightsaber, the hilt is usually where their creativity can be applied. It is usually where some artistic lightsaber inventors pay more attention because it’s where you can customize and personalize the item most. There are many designs that you can choose from based on the kind of style or look you want your lightsaber to have.

If you plan to create your very own instead of submitting a design to a company to have it done for you, you can find a lot of parts, tutorials and designs ideas that companies on the internet sell and provide for you. Hundreds of forums regarding custom lightsaber making are also available online. Now, you know whom to inquire about it whenever you have questions in making your own weapon. But, if you feel like this is such a difficult task, then you can always tap the professionals and send them the designs you want for your weapon. They are more than willing and happy to create the lightsaber for you. A piece of advice, when you hire someone, choose a company that is near your area so that it will be easier for both parties to meet up and discuss about the designs allowing you more involvement in the development and creation of your custom lightsaber.