Is God Responsible for Everything That Happens in the Universe?

Practically all religions are established on the conviction that the universe was made by a divinity in one type of another, despite the fact that it stays to be resolved subsequently whether He is answerable for all that which occurs in the Universe. In this article I will zero in exclusively on the Judeo-Christian idea of God as maker as this is the confidence I am generally acquainted with, being raised Catholic and shipped off a Catholic live-in school. Albeit numerous individuals of all various beliefs accept that specific occasions in the universe are destined, including humankind, I won’t discuss what I am uncertain of, and don’t have any desire to irritate individuals of genuine strict confidence.

In the book of Genesis, there are two records of the production of the world. The first depicts the seven days where Elojhim made the world ‘ex nihilo’ from nothing. This incredible and deist portrayal of God as an intense, making power is completely segregated from the adoring and sympathetic portrayal, Yahweh, who strolled on Earth and talked with man. The embodied God who had a relationship with man shows a more human-centric perspective on creation than the Elojhim account. This made that God as Yahweh made us for a reason, since we were supposedly made ‘imago Dei’ in the picture of God. Albeit Father George Rutler both of these records are of the first Hebrew Scriptures, they depict altogether different pictures of God. Indeed many accept that the Elojhim account, while first in the book of Genesis, was composed at any rate 500 years after the Yahweh account when a Jew visited Arabia and took the story from their current thought of an almighty divinity. Anyway the one comparability between the two stories is that both were makers, making the Earth and creatures ‘ex nihilo’.

Essentially in Christian Scripture, in John’s gospel, Jesus was depicted as ‘the word’ or ‘logos’ utilized in the unique circumstance, “first and foremost was the word, and the word was God, and the word was with God.” This proposes that in the perspective on Christianity, plummeted from Judaism, God made everything inside the universe, as Elojhim maybe. Anyway John made this view a stride further, utilizing this to depict Jesus as the interface among man and Elojhim, disclosing Jesus as equivalent to Yahweh (however not as paternalistic), and joining the two beginning stories to shape one, in number legend. The Christian confidence keeps on considering God the maker today even outside of the Scriptures, frequently through supplications and lessons. For instance in the Apostle’s doctrine, Christians pronounce that they “trust in one, genuine God, Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth”. This statement shows how Christians accept that God made the universe as an almighty and all-strong power.