Online Game Rentals

There are a lot of choices these days in popular video games, so if the classic Super Mario got past its welcome a few years ago, don’t worry. Online game rental services provide more experienced players or newbies with a large variety of game titles. Remembering how Netflix invented the Internet DVD rental service, the niche sequel to games has been revolutionized.

Video game rentals represent approximately $ 700 million in market share, boasting growing consumer interest in this new gaming trend. However, many video game rental services still struggle to convert the more traditional group, which claims it’s just as easy to stop by the video store and rent Resident Evil 4.

6Star reported that an online game rental site, Gamefly, understands this typical train of thought and is shaping their pricing and feature patterns to meet all kinds of customer needs. The beauty of the Internet is the ability of companies to offer special benefits and bonuses with relative ease. Many services like Gamefly offer introductory pricing, with add-ons like free subscriptions to player magazines included in the cost of a plan. You can also choose a plan that matches your rental habits, such as one at a time or even five or more.

A huge advantage in online video game rental is the ability to sort large databases by game console, genre, or even by rating. The popular GottaPlay rental service also offers “mom approved” games for your parents that question your child’s interest in the gaming era. For you adult gamers, you will appreciate the flexible subscription plans and two-way mailers provided by many sites. Entertainment has never been easier.