Types of Shoe Accessories and How to Use Them

Leather shoes will always be superior to other shoes, especially when it comes to durability. But the life of your pair depends solely on the kind of care you give the shoes. Considering that leather shoes can cost you quite a bit of money depending on the style and design, you need to make sure that you pay attention to cleaning and caring for them to keep them in tip top shape.

One of the things that makes leather shoes a bit difficult to care for is that they are prone to staining, scratching, marking, and can also end up drying out and cracking. There is nothing more unsightly than a good pair of leather shoes that have started to crack on the outer surface. Drying out shoes can also cause them to fall apart over time. After spending the amount you spend on your leather shoes, the next most reasonable thing to do would be to protect them by proper cleaning. Below are simple but very important ways to keep your shoes in tip top shape so they can serve you longer.

Clean your shoes: This is the first step in the shoe care process. When cleaning shoes, make sure you get the right products and also use the proper cleaning technique so you don’t end up damaging the surface. A mild leather cleaner is best and then you can get spray, gel, liquid or foam cleaners created specifically for leather material. The good thing about cleaning products is that they come with instructions for use, so it shouldn’t cost you much to get it right when it comes to cleaning your shoes. After washing, you can polish with a shoe polishing cloth.

Condition the shoes – Cleaning leather shoes may not be enough; you should also consider conditioning the leather. Conditioning helps strengthen them and keep 레플리카 them protected from harmful elements so they last for years. You can easily find leather shoe conditioner in stores and all you need to do is use a soft cloth to rub the conditioner into small areas of the shoe until it covers the entire shoe. You can then wipe off any excess conditioner that the shoe can’t absorb.

Shine your shoes – Shining leather shoes may seem unnecessary in some cases, but it can go a long way toward keeping your shoe looking good. You should start by selecting a polish color that matches the color of your shoes and a quality shoe polishing cloth to rub the shoes after polishing. But since most shoe polishes have toxic chemicals, it’s best to wear gloves and shine your shoes in an area that’s well ventilated so you don’t end up inhaling them. In addition to shoe polish, you can also consider using the insides of banana peel, walnut oil, and olive oil for the same purpose.